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David Allerby - ARMSDavid Allerby is the President and Co-Founder of 24Hr HomeCare, a Torrance, California based company providing premier non-medical home care services. Mr. Allerby oversees all of 24Hr HomeCare’s operations to insure efficiency, quality of Caregivers, and world-class customer service. Additionally, he spearheads 24Hr HomeCare’s community involvement program, which includes monthly volunteering and quarterly community events. Mr. Allerby developed the first-ever Proceeds to Charity Program within the non-medical home care industry (where a portion of 24Hr HomeCare’s proceeds are donated to the clients’ charity of choice). Prior to founding 24Hr HomeCare, Mr. Allerby helped launch Maxim Healthcare Services new Companion Services division. He served as General Manager of Maxim Companion Services’ flagship Los Angeles branch for four years. In addition, he developed a business plan for expansion of the division, which contributed to Maxim’s rapid growth. Today, Maxim Companion Services has 16 locations. Mr. Allerby holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California in Business Administration.

Bunni Dybnis - ARMSBunni Dybnis has been Director of Professional Services with LivHOME, the nations largest professionally managed eldercare services for seniors since 1999. She uses her skills as a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and Certified Care Manager as a speaker, expert witness, educator and expert on best practices in aging. Prior to LivHOME Bunni has directed private pay and publicly funded programs in both the public and private sector. Bunni received her Bachelors degree in Political Science and graduate education and Thanatology training at UCLA and a Masters degree in Educational Psychology at CSUN. Bunni is involved in a broad range of local and national boards, committees and commissions dealing with issues of older adults and their families. She has been quoted and written materials for radio, newspaper, internet and text including NPR, the Los Angeles Times, several internet podcasts and other local and national media. Most recently Ms. Dybnis co-authored a chapter, “Tools to Support Family Caregivers” , in the book, Care Managers: Working with the  Aging Family. She is a Fellow in the Leadership Academy of National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. She is completing her third term on the National Board as well as many years involvement and past president of the Western Regional Chapter. Bunni is thrilled to provide her support to ARMS and recognizes the  importance of elder mediation in the continuum of aging services that benefit older adults in Los Angeles.

Marcia H. Haber brings over 20 years of experience as an attorney, mediator, teacher and special education advocate to Elder Dialogue & Mediation Center, Inc. which she co-founded with Staci L. Labovitz. In addition to mediating concerns involving aging issues and life transitions with elders and their families, Marcia serves on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District mediation panels. As a conflict resolution consultant and training specialist, Marcia has worked with large corporate and small business clients. She has taught mediation, negotiation and business law courses at the University of Judaism. Marcia is recognized for establishing mediation as part of their Masters of Business Administration degree program there. Marcia developed the curriculum and will teach the 36-hour Mediation Training program for Home Health Aides and Medical Service Providers at the Southern California Regional Occupational Center in Torrance beginning the Summer, 2009. Marcia has mediated over a hundred matters and has completed numerous mediation training courses including, Appellate Mediation Training Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Forrest Mosten 40-hour Family Mediation Training, Kenneth Cloke Mediation Training, the Los Angeles County Bar Dispute Resolution Services Mediation program and The Pepperdine Law School Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution Strategic Negotiations training. Marcia is a consultant with the Southwest Special Education Local Plan Area where she coordinates a dynamic Grandparents Parenting/Supporting Their Grandchildren With An IEP resource group. Marcia is a co-founder and current member of the Board of Directors of ARMS-Adult Resolutions & Mediation Services. ARMS is a not-for-profit project of Community Partners which provides innovative elder mediation training and consumer education programs. Serving as a volunteer Wise and Healthy Aging California Long Term Care State Ombudsman, Marcia is a skilled advocate for residents of long-term care facilities. Marcia is a member of the Board of Directors of The Keep-Safe Coalition which provides community outreach for the prevention of financial elder abuse. She is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, The Southern California Mediation Association and the National Elder Mediation Network with the Center for Social Gerontology. Marcia graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and of Western State University College of Law. She is an active member of the California State Bar.

Paul Petersen, actor and author, long known for his advocacy on behalf of working children, found a new passion when his real life collided with his Hosting duties on the award-winning "Aging in LA" television talk show, produced for the Los Angeles Department of Aging. Five elderly family members, all women, became dependant on Paul and is wife, Rana, in two short months, and their needs spanned the spectrum of Senior Issues from non-medical in-home care to end of life hospice care. Rather than drowning in this sudden flood of responsibility Paul Petersen fought back and put into practice what he'd learned on "Aging in LA." "The most important thing I learned," he says, "is that a cool-headed Mediator, experienced and knowledgeable, can help a family avoid the emotional and financial trauma all too often associated with caring for aging loved ones." That's why he's a Board Member of ARMS." 

Myer Sankary - ARMSMyer Sankary has enjoyed a reputation as an excellent mediator for the past ten years, both for his ability to mediate difficult matters and in bringing over 90% of the cases he mediates to settlement. Mr. Sankary has mediated over 1,000 cases since 1996 involving a variety of areas of law and business. He is a specialist in probate mediation, because of his 40 years of practice in the field of probate, trusts and estate planning. He has handled both highly contentious probate matters as well as matters with high settlement amounts; he also serves on the ADR Committee for the LA Superior Court which administers the court facilitated mediation program. In addition to probate disputes, Mr. Sankary handles general business/commercial contract disputes, real estate, employment and personal injury matters. Since 1989, Mr. Sankary has been appointed to serve as independent Trustee and Conservator by LA Superior Court Judges in cases where families are in conflict about the estate of their elderly parents. He also is appointed by LA Superior Court Probate Judges as special counsel known as PVP attorney to represent prospective conservatees in conservatorship proceedings. As an author and lecturer on negotiating strategies as well as the new social science of persuasion and influence, Mr. Sankary is knowledgeable in a variety of settlement strategies and tactics. He has been trained in the science of persuasion which he uses to facilitate the disputes he mediates. Mr. Sankary presents the Cialdini Principles of Persuasion workshop to lawyers, mediators, business executives, sales and human resource managers, forensic experts and business consultants. After graduating Harvard Law School in 1965, Mr. Sankary began practicing law in Beverly Hills with the firm of Wyman, Bautzer, Rothman & Kuchel. Since then, he has become known for his extensive knowledge, experience and reputation for honesty and integrity, both as a litigator and as a transactional attorney which has earned him an A.V. rating in Martindale & Hubbell. Mr. Sankary has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ABA Solo and General Practice Committee, as well as the Outstanding Achievement Award from the State Bar Solo and Small Firm Committee.